Pink Tourmaline and Opal Swirl Ring

Pink Tourmaline and Opal Swirl Ring

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-AAA quality rose cut Pink Tourmaline sourced from Brazil

-AAA quality rose cut Welo Opal

-this is some of the finest material I've worked with. the opal has such a beautiful and unique honeycomb pattern with incredible flash

-a one of a kind birthstone ring for the month of October

-original swirl ring design

-hand fabricated in sterling silver with a 14k gold setting

-mirror finish polish

-US size 7

-PLEASE NOTE: Welo Opals are an incredibly sensitive and porous stone. I would not recommend wearing every day. the stone should be kept away from harsh chemicals, soaps or perfumes. if you get the stone wet with water, the stone will momentarily lose its flash, but it will come back once the stone drys