Jewelry Care + Repairs

Jewelry Care:

Sterling silver tarnishes over time and everyday activities/products can actually be quite harmful to both gold and silver. To ensure your jewelry remains a part of your everyday style, please take the following considerations:

  • Remove jewelry when doing any activity that could cause damage such as: sports, sleep, shower, pool, or beach

  • Avoid contact with chemicals, products, and perfumes

  • Clean regularly with a polishing cloth

  • after polishing, finish with a mild cleaning agent and warm water

  • Store jewelry in safe and dry location. Silver pieces should ideally be kept in an airtight plastic bag to prevent tarnishing

Repairs and Refinishing

I stand behind my work, so should it need any repairs from normal wear and tear, I will repair it for free within the first six months

High polish pieces will wear over time. I can reapply a finish for $10-20 plus shipping